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Abe Miller was hospitalized for 100 days due to Covid-19. The doctors gave up on him, saying that he has a one percent chance of survival.


When he arrived at Westchester Hospital, his oxygen level was at 75 and he was put into an induced coma.


When the doctors saw that his lungs were not functioning, they decided to place him on a ventilator. But when that did not help, they connected him to an ECMO machine to provide respiratory support.


Abe was unable to ingest food or liquid for 10 weeks. It seemed like his end was near. His wife and family were called to say goodbye…


But then…


With the mercy of God and the help of great doctors, Abe started to slowly come back to himself, and within a short time, he was released from the hospital.


After 7 weeks in a coma, Abe has completely recovered! When Abe opened his eyes, the first words that he said were: I want to become an artist…


Abe has never drawn before in his life! His family thought he had gone crazy. But since the time Abe had gotten his life and health back, he has already created over 400 modern art paintings.


Recovering from Covid-19 has been hard for many and has prevented many from doing the things they love, but for Abe, it opened up a new channel of creativity, one he never knew he possessed!

About My Painting

About the Author

Abraham Miller was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 1951, to parents who emigrated from Poland. Born into a family with musical talents, Abe became a composer and has written dozens of songs. At age 20 he married and, always the entrepreneur, went into the retail business. Abe later worked at a real estate firm as vice president of acquisitions and dispositions, before opening Signature Silver, then Signature Art Gallery.
Today after surviving COVID and at age 70, Abe paints spontaneous self taught art, largely in the style of modern abstract expressionism. He hopes that his paintings will be appreciated and inspire others to explore their creative talents to the fullest.


I have many people to thank for their love and support, which saved my life.
My wife Ruth, for her loyalty throughout my ordeal and for her enthusiasm for my artistic pursuits.
All my wonderful children, for going out of their way to help me recover.
All of my friends and neighbors, for their prayers.
Dr. and Mrs. Shalom Hirschman have been very close friends for many years. Dr. Hirschman was the head of the infectious disease department at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Respected throughout the world, he is at the same time the most humble person you will find. Throughout my hospital stay, he and his wife were involved in my care as if I were their child. They were constantly in touch with my children, providing advice and counseling that helped guide them in the difficult decisions they had to make. We will never forget them.
Dr. Avi Levine of the Westchester Medical Center was a lifesaver sent from God. If not for him, I would not be here to tell my story. No matter how busy, he always made time to respond to my family, knowing how anxious they were to receive updates. If not for his patience and careful attention, my family would not have been able to survive this ordeal. I also want to thank the staff of Westchester Medical Center. They deserve the most credit for being there and giving it all, their doctors and staff were unbelievable in a time that the pandemic was at the height of the plight, they did the impossible.
I have deep gratitude to Dr. Howard Leibowitz and the staff of the Kimball Institute for Rehab, Lakewood, N.J., and to the rehabilitation staff of Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstraw, N.Y.
Most thanks for Al Desetta in not only writing this book, but being helpful in all related items to bring it to life, his professional advice is very much appreciated as I could not have done it without his input.
I am grateful to Mario Rabadi of Image Amazing Inc. for the photography and editing of this book, we couldn’t have done it without you. Your talents and experience are major contributions to our success.
Finally, thanks to Chloe Finley, the Abe Miller art collection’s Curator and Head of Advisory Board, for your dedication, hard work, and insights.


A harrowing and poignant tale of survival, new life, and latent talents, From COVID to CANVAS tells the incredible success story of breakout abstract painter, Abe Miller. This book shares Miller’s experience from his own perspective, beginning with a suspiciously persistent “flu”, through a 100 day coma with a 5% chance to live, his miraculous recovery and difficult rehabilitation, and the process of painting over 400 abstract expressionist works — without having any prior art knowledge! Follow Miller’s matter-of-fact and highly inspirational story while enjoying a portfolio of 25 selected paintings representing his full range and unique styles.

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